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The relocation industry suffers from misaligned vantage points, experiences and expectations between clients and service providers, reason being that each work in their own paradigm.

A five bedroom house in Singapore, London or Atlanta appears same in a relocation questionnaire, yet is a dramatically different entity in each location. Same applies to domestic relocations given our experience.

Thus to eliminate any disconnect with resulting delay and frustration, we use ACCELERATED RELOCATIONTM model. Once the transferee is ready to start the relocation process, we will:

  • Assign a single relocation executive to the transferee and the family
  • Conduct a phone meeting to describe the process and agree a schedule
  • Travel to client's domicile to work with client, spouse or designated person
  • Visit home, office, school, daycare, club, church or any other significant location for client's professional and private life to establish feel, distance, commuting challenge of each location
  • Discuss with client and spouse pros and cons of all entities reviewed
  • Offer comparisons to each entity as to what can be expected at destination with both architectural, geographic, cultural and financial dimensions
  • Set expectation for all parties, both client with family and relocation executive
  • Agree services, next steps and schedules
  • Act on and deliver to the customized plan agreed with the client
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