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House-hunting can be a grueling experience for a number of reasons. The number of communities and housing inventory are overwhelming, real estate is not what was expected, environment and culture require an adjustment, climate makes house-hopping unpleasant, children brought along due to no childcare are among just a few examples.

To eliminate or alleviate the potential discomforts and provide highest service and efficiency, we put the ACCELERATED RELOCATIONTM business model and the REAL ESTATE DELIVEREDTM approach to work for you.

Having visited significant entities at the client's domicile based on ACCELERATED RELOCATIONTM and having established pros and cons of each with the client, we go house-hunting for you within your unique requirements. Each property deemed worthy of your consideration, will be presented with the satellite entities, like schools, daycare, clubs plus commute to the office facts.

Having collected a portfolio of potential new homes for you, we will work with you towards the first and hopefully the last house-hunting trip to Atlanta.

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